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One way to master your skills at recognize all the different options in a hand when you play Double Bonus poker is to practice playing the game on your computer at home using a commercially available software training program my recommendation is Video Poker for Winners. A four card flush is better than a low pair oasis resort hotel casino a four card straight. Since the royal flush contributes 1.

In DDB, a kicker is an ace, 2, 3, and 4. Any Double Bonus game that only pays 4 for 1 for a straight has an even lower ER and should be avoided. If you have a four of a kind gamblingg the above description without a kicker, then discard the fifth card and draw, hoping to get a kicker. This game has an ER of There are many different pay schedules for Double Bonus. For example, which cards would you keep in this hand if you were playing Double Bonus?

Double Double Bonus (DDB) poker is by far the most popular video poker game. the strategy—and there's no shame in bringing a strategy card to the casino. Are you a coward or are you a gambler? Double Double Bonus (DDB) is the most popular video poker game in the world. Video Poker Tips. Offers tips and advice for beating the Double Double Bonus video poker games. Includes payout charts, odds and decisions to make on certain hands.

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